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Jackie F.

We enjoyed our ultrasound so much…Grandma and Grandpa were amazed at the images Miracle 3D Moments showed us. In addition, being able to make our own photobook was such a nice bonus!! Thank you, Miracle 3D Moments exceeded our expectations!

Andrew M.

When my wife suggested this; I had thought it was an overpriced typical ultrasound. But after attending the session at Miracle 3D Moments, I was amazed at the images and how connected I felt with my son, afterwards. I recommend this to any soon-to-be father! Seeing my child live and watching his movements made me feel that much more connected to my wife’s pregnancy! Thank you, Miracle 3D Moments for such a memorable experience!

Abigail N.

I thought I was getting an ultrasound for me and my husband to bond with our baby; but I was blown away by my parent’s reaction during the ultrasound! They were overjoyed at the pictures; especially the live video; my mother was crying tears of joy!! Never could I have experienced this without this session! Thank you, Crystal at Miracle 3D Moments for telling us about all the amazing developments in the womb and giving us such awesome pictures of our baby. This was the best experience I have ever had with any of my (3) pregnancies! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Alicia K.

I had a fantastic experience with Crystal at Miracle 3D Moments! I had no idea how much detail an ultrasound could have! Crystal is clearly experienced and was able to explain the images to me with ease. The atmosphere was so much more relaxing than a stuffy doctor's office. I'd recommend Miracle 3D Moments to anyone who just can't get enough of their little bundle of joy.

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